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    Fix the Warnings in rst files when building Qlib's documentation (#1349) · 82afd6a6
    Maxim Smolskiy authored
    * Fix docs/advanced/alpha.rst
    * Fix docs/reference/api.rst
    * Fix docs/component/strategy.rst
    * Fix docs/start/integration.rst
    * Fix docs/component/report.rst
    * Fix docs/component/data.rst
    * Fix docs/component/rl/framework.rst
    * Fix docs/introduction/quick.rst
    * Fix docs/advanced/task_management.rst
    * Fix CHANGES.rst
    * Fix docs/developer/code_standard_and_dev_guide.rst
    * Fix docs/hidden/client.rst
    * Fix docs/component/online.rst
    * Fix docs/start/getdata.rst
    * Add docs/hidden to exclude patterns
    * Add docs/developer/code_standard_and_dev_guide.rst to index.rst
    * Change docs/developer/code_standard_and_dev_guide.rst place in index.rst
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