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The pattern comparison exp result analysis

parent 86bc2903
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib
import statistics
from math import ceil, floor
data_skipped = 0
err_sp = 1e10
matplotlib.rcParams['pdf.fonttype'] = 42
matplotlib.rcParams['savefig.bbox'] = 'tight'
matplotlib.rcParams['savefig.pad_inches'] = 0.01
matplotlib.rcParams['legend.loc'] = 'best'
matplotlib.rcParams['xtick.labelsize'] = 8
matplotlib.rcParams['ytick.labelsize'] = 8
def freq(li):
return len([x for x in li if x != 0]) / len(li)
def dt_read(root_dir, pattern, dt_type, speed, diff_file, lambda_diff):
d = "{dir}/{p}/0/{t}_9,{s},(50,10)".format(dir=root_dir,
p=pattern, t=dt_type, s=speed)
global data_skipped
ovhd = []
diff = []
with open(d + "/ovhd.csv", "r") as file:
for line in file.readlines():
tmp = [float(x) for x in line.split(',')]
if tmp[0] > err_sp or tmp[1] > err_sp:
data_skipped += 1
ovhd.append(tmp[1] / tmp[0])
with open(d + "/"+diff_file, "r") as file:
for line in file.readlines():
tmp = [float(x) for x in line.split(',')]
for data in tmp:
if data > err_sp:
data_skipped += 1
return diff, ovhd
def rpq_read(root_dir, pattern, ztype):
return dt_read(root_dir, pattern, ztype, 10000, "max.csv", lambda x: x[1] - x[3])
def list_read(root_dir, pattern, ltype):
return dt_read(root_dir, pattern, ltype, 1000, "distance.csv", lambda x: x[1])
def smooth(x, lenth, step):
x = x[:floor(lenth/step)*step]
ret = []
for i in range(floor(lenth/step)):
sum = 0.0
for j in range(i*step, (i+1)*step):
sum += x[j]
return ret
def cmp_r_rwf(name, read_lable, read_func, root_dir, updd_name, ard_name, step=10, ylim=None):
xlable = 'time: second'
updd_rread, updd_rovhd = read_func(root_dir, updd_name, "r")
updd_rwfread, updd_rwfovhd = read_func(root_dir, updd_name, "rwf")
ard_rread, ard_rovhd = read_func(root_dir, ard_name, "r")
ard_rwfread, ard_rwfovhd = read_func(root_dir, ard_name, "rwf")
lread = min(len(updd_rread), len(updd_rwfread),
len(ard_rread), len(ard_rwfread))
lovhd = min(len(updd_rovhd), len(updd_rwfovhd),
len(ard_rovhd), len(ard_rwfovhd))
x1 = [ceil(i*step+step/2) for i in range(floor(lread/step))]
updd_rread = smooth(updd_rread, lread, step)
updd_rwfread = smooth(updd_rwfread, lread, step)
ard_rread = smooth(ard_rread, lread, step)
ard_rwfread = smooth(ard_rwfread, lread, step)
x2 = [ceil(i*step+step/2) for i in range(floor(lovhd/step))]
updd_rovhd = smooth(updd_rovhd, lovhd, step)
updd_rwfovhd = smooth(updd_rwfovhd, lovhd, step)
ard_rovhd = smooth(ard_rovhd, lovhd, step)
ard_rwfovhd = smooth(ard_rwfovhd, lovhd, step)
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(11, 4))
plt.subplot(1, 2, 1)
if(ylim is not None):
plt.plot(x1, updd_rread, linestyle="-", label="upd_d: Remove-Win")
plt.plot(x1, updd_rwfread, linestyle="-", label="upd_d: RWF")
plt.plot(x1, ard_rread, linestyle="-", label="ar_d: Remove-Win")
plt.plot(x1, ard_rwfread, linestyle="-", label="ar_d: RWF")
plt.subplot(1, 2, 2)
plt.plot(x2, updd_rovhd, linestyle="-", label="upd_d: Remove-Win")
plt.plot(x2, updd_rwfovhd, linestyle="-", label="upd_d: RWF")
plt.plot(x2, ard_rovhd, linestyle="-", label="ar_d: Remove-Win")
plt.plot(x2, ard_rwfovhd, linestyle="-", label="ar_d: RWF")
plt.ylabel("overhead: byte")
print("upd_d: Remove-Win", statistics.mean(updd_rovhd),
statistics.mean([abs(x) for x in updd_rread]), freq(updd_rread))
print("upd_d: RWF", statistics.mean(updd_rwfovhd),
statistics.mean([abs(x) for x in updd_rwfread]), freq(updd_rwfread))
print("ar_d: Remove-Win", statistics.mean(ard_rovhd),
statistics.mean([abs(x) for x in ard_rread]), freq(ard_rread))
print("ar_d: RWF", statistics.mean(ard_rwfovhd),
statistics.mean([abs(x) for x in ard_rwfread]), freq(ard_rwfread))
cmp_r_rwf("rpq_r_rwf", "read max diff", rpq_read,
"rpq", "default", "ardominant", 1, (-300, 300))
cmp_r_rwf("rpq_cmp_r_rwf", "read max diff", rpq_read,
"rpq,cmp", "default", "ardominant", 1, (-300, 300))
cmp_r_rwf("list_r_rwf", "list editing distance",
list_read, "list", "upddominant", "default", 1)
cmp_r_rwf("list_cmp_r_rwf", "list editing distance",
list_read, "list,cmp", "upddominant", "default", 1)
print("Data skipped: ", data_skipped)
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