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......@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ Community powers
- [996.avengers](https://github.com/996-icu-avengers/Natasha) adds `996ICU` and `955WLB` tags on recruitment websites.
- [996.OD](https://github.com/zheolong/996.OD.git) occupational diseases are the forewarning of ICU.
- [996.Q](https://github.com/alexddhuang/996.Q) A repository to collect mocks, jokes, or gags about 996.
- [996.survey](https://github.com/0594mazhiyuan/996.survey) A survey of the status of 996.
- [support.996.ICU](https://github.com/msworkers/support.996.ICU) Microsoft and GitHub Workers Support 996.ICU
Where are the issues?
......@@ -94,6 +94,8 @@
- [996.Q](https://github.com/alexddhuang/996.Q) 收集有关 996 的自嘲、笑话、段子。
- [996.survey](https://github.com/0594mazhiyuan/996.survey) 一份对于 996 现状的调查。
- [support.996.ICU](https://github.com/msworkers/support.996.ICU) 微软与GitHub员工自发组织 实名签名 支持 996.ICU
- [699cn](https://github.com/996-699/996.699) 一键存证微信小程序,免安装永久免费,完全公益性质。一键采集员工当前经纬度和打卡时间存证到服务器,未来目标是期望更多志愿者加入团队,建设成为基于分布式账本技术的存证平台,只要地球上还有程序员,证据就永远存在。
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